SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, May 24, 2014 is the next public event:
GYHS 5th Annual Walk Through History, 9am-4:30pm
guided tours, exhibits, activities, and entertainment!
Admission $15/person helps us fulfill the goal of protecting, preserving, and restoring public access to this part of Henry W. Coe State Park. Please download the flier and share it with others!
Exhibitors invited: non-commercial, educational or demonstrations with a health focus. Please contact us for more info.

Good news!
We can host small events at GYHS, similar to what we have done in the past.
The caveat being
    1) soaking in the mineral water is *not* available, and
    2) no use of DPR resources -- staff or equipment.
So, what kinds of events can we have?
    -- guided tours       -- picnics        -- group meetings
    -- volunteer work days        -- camp outs      
What will be required for these events?
    -- adequate supervision & oversight
    -- assurance that the fragile structures will be protected
    -- safety! safety! safety! For people, for the structures, for the site, and for the whole park!

Wish List. We will need equipment. We have previously borrowed these items for our events. We are very grateful for the local individuals and groups who have given us free loan of their equipment - the Pine Ridge Association, the Lico & Filice families, the Japanese-American Community, and our volunteers & members. Now, in order to alliviate the labor and logistics for our volunteers, we hope to acquire these items and store them on site for easier access for our events. Please help with contributions or direct donations. Here's our partial Wish List, with descriptions and possible sources (links open is separate windows and give ideas of the kinds of items):
    10    Folding Picnic tables with benches x ~$170 ea    $1,700
    10    Folding Tables (30"W x 72") x ~$100 - $120 ea    $1,000
    50   folding chairs x ~ $30 - $40 ea    $1,500
    3    Canopies 10x10 with side walls & carrier    $1,500
    1    Canopy 10x20, no walls    ~ $700 ea
    1    outdoor heater and 40 lbs propane tank, plus propane   ~ $500
    1   outdoor portable generator & gas tank, plus gas    ~ $500-$1500

We operate under the Pine Ridge Association as a subgroup, your donations are tax-deductable. All our activities are overseen by the Gavilan Sector Superintendent and his colleagues at the Monterey District of the California Department of Parks and Recreations (DPR).

Friends of Gilroy Hot Springs does not exist.
Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs (GYHS) is a a part of the Pine Ridge Association, the official all-volunteer non-profit organization providing interpretive programs for Henry W. Coe State Park. GYHS is a part of Henry W. Coe State Park. Over 60 years of neglect and deterioration means it will take time and resources to restore public access to GYHS. Because of the fragile condition of this designated historic landmark, GYHS is currently only open for Guided Tours or Special Events. Outside of these guided tours or special events, trespassers will be cited. And please be aware that the road between Canada Rd and our gate is posted "No Parking" -- cars will be ticketed by the sheriff. When we have Guided Tours or other events, we open our gate and visitors park inside. The only other parking is at Hunting Hollow -- a fee based parking area.

We are updating the website ( ), and reorganizing it. Yes, all this information will appear on different pages under different tabs. For now, we want to get you the information you're seeking. Eventually we'll post photos and more of the history. Thank you for your patience while we transition.

Our mission remains the same: to protect, preserve, and restore public access to Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs, an area of Henry W. Coe State Park which is historically rich in cultural diversity.

Guided tours continue monthly, the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, subject to public demand and availability of docents.
Full Moon Camp Outs serve to deter vandalism. At this time, the Camp Outs are limited to approved park volunteers.
Volunteer Work Days may correspond with Full Moon Camp Outs. Work is limited to general road clearance of overgrowth, and may include undergrowth control, or fence repair. Work gloves and gardening tools
If you are interested in a guided tour, Camp Out, or Volunteer Work Days, please email us email (, or phone (1-408-314-7185).
We welcome volunteers! There is an application process.
Please contact us:
email (, or phone (1-408-314-7185).
some volunteer positions:
    Officers    Board members    Docents   
    Events    Memberships    Projects   
    Fundraising    Publicity    Website   
    Safety    Photography